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Select a Design, Download Your Plan and Build a Plane that Really Flies. These Are Balsa Wood Gliders And Rockets That You Can Build...From Model Design Plans Exclusively (plus kits). <<== see select a catagory

Video is of building Free Glider 5

Check out my indiegogo.com Campaign:  "Self-propelled motor"  

Use the indiegogo.com search engine and enter "self-propelled motor".

Design Model Planes:

See:  www.fluidmechanicsofinertia.wordpress.com

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directly in to your browser.

If you cannot open your file you can download a free file viewer at

 www.freefileviewer.com .

  Freefileviewer should open any files which you cannot open from this website's downloads.  Most files should open.  The only file expected to not open is Tailwing Glider 2, its drawings are created using Windows 8.

Have Your Model Glider Balanced:  Revelation Design Analysis May Be Able To Balance Your Glider Design, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, for a small fee (upwards of say, $25.00 for the most complex designs).  Use the Send A Message Device On The Contact Us Page To Send An E-mail To Revelation Design Analysis About Your Model Glider.  Fly-Before-You-Buy Guarantee.  We Can Work Out The Technical Details Over The E-mail.

Wire Diagrams are technical drawings all to a scale with dimensions, angles, section views etc indicated and special notes similar to blue prints.  The scales of all the wire diagrams sold on this website are negligible, and the dimensions are all in inches.

With blue prints the blue is not printed where the lines are, and with wire diagrams the paper is white with a black line printed indicating the outline of the respective shape.  All dimensions and respective data are printed with black lines and black letters and numbers on white paper particularly in this case.  All the drawings that are available here to be used for constructing models are wire diagrams. 

Please Leave A Review On Your Specific Plane Or Rocket On The Glider Or Rocket Plans Or Kits Page. 

To get maximum effect for your money from a purchase from this website the plans are the ideal purchase.

Rockets Wire Diagrams Require The Purchase Of Nose Cones, Rocket Tubes, Rocket Motor Mount Kits, Counter Weights, Sheet Metal Screws, Screw-eyes, Parachute Kits, Rocket Motors, Ni-chrome Wires, And, If You Choose To Construct It, An Ignition Box (which design plans come with the rocket wire diagrams) Which Includes Resistors, Switches, Push-buttons, LED Lights, Wires, Battery Terminals, Etc.

You can also change the characteristics of these model planes any way you'd like if you like to experiment with model planes designs, by changing the design parameters, or moving parts, and adding dihedral, to find out what happens if a design change is added.  The only boundaries on any of these model planes designs are the original designs will fly.

Build a kit from these plans, a kit will make a great gift.  Get the plans, construct the kit, and give a gift.

Enjoy Revelation Design Analysis' model plans and build fun to fly gliders and rockets.

This video is mostly of "Rocket Plane".  Rocket Plane failed to fly. At the end of the video is a good launch of rocket 12A.

Revelation Design Analysis Is Starting With Model Plans Sales But Plans To Include Clean/Green Technology/Transportation Means In Its Repertoire of Available Sales Items.  These Model Plans Sales Are Required To Build A Financial Foundation For The Development Of The Clean/Green Technology/Transportation Means (Human Powered Flight/Hydraulic Bicycle/Self-Propelled Engine).

Businesses and Corporations are going to keep us dependent on them for consumable propellants.  Revelation Design Analysis has ideas and discoveries of fuel-less energy producing design concepts (transportation means and a self-propelled power-plant) with respect to which you can invest in these model glider and rocket plans.  This website provides the prospect of the opportunity to escape the fuel addiction, with a small investment by purchasing these model glider and model rocket plans Kits or manuscript, whereby the prospect of supporting the interest of Human Powered Flight, Extreme Bicycles and Self-Propelled Engines can be made effective.  Take the opportunity to challenge the horsepower with the formula for Fluid Mechanics of Inertia, and make the ball-and-chain of industries stranglehold on us for consumable propellants fall away as Revelation Design Analysis finds a toe-hold in transportation/clean/green technology with its idea and discoveries. 

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